My story

I am a South-African born wine enthusiast living in the Netherlands. My first experience with wine as a youngster was drinking “Catemba” – a mix of (cheap) red wine and Coca Cola. I know…

Luckily, I have come a long way since then. In my younger years in South Africa, I’ve experienced the cooling sensation of an ice-cold white wine on a scorching summers day. And the comforting warmth of a good red wine – or “oxblood” as it was referred to by my dad, when sitting around the braai fire.

But it was only years later, after I moved to the Netherlands, that I really started to appreciate wine. Through tasting various wines from across the globe, I became intrigued by the different wine varietals and styles. The first wine course I took was just for fun, but my fascination from wine only grew from there. I have since completed a number of wine courses, the most recent being the WSET level 3 course and the Cape Wine Academy Certificate course. I am currently working on WSET level 4.

South African wines can certainly compete with Old World Wines. And it is my mission to showcase these beautiful wines whilst sharing some of the South African heritage through my wine tasting sessions.

Lynn de Vries

“The juice of the grape is the liquid quintessence

of concentrated sunbeams.”

Thomas Love Peacock

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